Описание проекта

Description of E-Copybook
In today’s world, we cannot deny the fact that many technological developments and innovations play a major role in our lives. Technology improved our lives and the present things are now better faster, easier, and more convenient.
Technology makes revolutionary changes to our lives. We all have now access to get information and, in addition, creating more and more technologies provide to improve all sectors of economy which results in making overall life better for everyone. One of that kind of technology that we created is E-Copybook. That is a device which looks like a tablet with a special program inside that can provide all home tasks and, simultaneously, with the tests made by the teachers/professors related to the lessons. Every single part and program of the E-Copybook is carefully arranged. E-Copybook is the worlds’ new thin, smart and super-convenient product. Now unique paper like display has been redesigned and ground up resulting in second generation best display and it is now much more easy to study twice as fast as it was before.
Furthermore, E-Copybook brings digital notes and print outs without sacrificing any paper. You can simply convert your handwriting into text. No more printing any paper and have heavy bags at schools, colleges and universities. E-Copybook is the advanced electronic device in study sphere ever. we created E-Copybook to make easy study process, save your money, protect environment and to evolve education quality globally.
To go in detail, E-Copybook not only gives the user the effect of reading a real book, as if writing in a real notebook, but also attracts attention with its health-friendly design and durability. Once purchased, e-books can be used by the user for at least 3-4 years. Looking to the specifications of E-Copybook is like that: a 10.3-inch monochrome display with a resolution of 1872 × 1404 is used. Moreover, processor contains dual-core ARM chip with a frequency of 1.2 GHz with the memory of 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB for data storage. Additionally, interfaces of E-Copybook include USB Type-C, Wi-Fi. Furthermore, appearance of E-Copybook thickness is only 5.5 mm, and the stylus is attached to the magnet on the side, the weight of device accounts for 415 grams. Despite this, battery capacity makes up 300 mAh.
We calculated the minimum cost and the notebook is expected to be a minimum of $ 300-400. By purchasing the E-Copybook and using it for a long time, parents can save so much money! The programs in the notebook indicate that children can prepare for the university and use their free time to engage in mind-blowing games, video lessons and book readings.
E-Copybook – turn your minds into wisdom.