Creation of 3D and VR BOX systems of historical cities in Uzbekistan «REAL HISTORY»

Описание проекта

Tell us about the problem you are solving:

1)  Although Uzbekistan is rich in tourist attractions and historical sites, foreign tourists spend very little time in our country.

2) Interactive sources of information covering the history of our country and its great people in modern ways have not yet been created.

3) In tourist cities, a lot of work, time and money is spent on organizing various scenes and performances for tourists.

How does the problem occur?

Due to the lack of modern and information technology services in the tourist areas of the country, such problems occur.

How is the problem being solved now? Or why hasn’t it been resolved yet?

In September 2019, we began scientific work on solving this problem. We have already created a demo version of this project and will solve the problem in the next 6 months. A grant of 50 million soums was spent on this project.